The entertainment of video games may make your children addicted, but is that really worse than them causing trouble elsewhere? Video games have pros that overshadow the cons by a mile. The main reason to play a video game is to have fun. They will keep the occupant busy having fun so they don’t complain about being […]

It is a humid night, which is unusual considering this time of year. All the ordinary people are retired to their homes, regaining their energy for the next long day ahead of them. Only the brave, the careless and the evil beings prowled in the darkness, searching for entertainment or their next victim. Fear flowed through […]

Chapter 1: Scout mentions Jem, her brother, breaking his arm and begins to talk about the events leading up to the accident. She talks about her current family, as well as her ancestors. She talks about the place she lives in, Maycomb. She also introduces Charles Baker Harris, who calls himself Dill. Scout also talks about […]

The ice bucket challenge is supposed to be an activity which raises awareness about ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), however an article titled “Ice bucket challenge: a celebrity wet T-shirt contest that has nothing to do with charity”, written by Peter Robinson, tells us that the challenge isn’t being as effective as it could be. The challenge […]

Slang is a very open topic, viewed in different ways. Some people think slang is a good thing, while others, like Isabelle Kerr, believe that it is a horrific addition to the English language. Isabelle is very anti-slang, and she shows this in her article, where she dwells upon the ridiculousness of slang being added […]

The opening was dark and large. Kevan looked at his map to confirm his findings, and they seemed correct. It wasn’t a natural crevasse that Kevan had located, it was an American intelligence base, spying on the Taliban’s operations. It was Kevan Thakrar’s job to retrieve any information about the Taliban and destroy it. He […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway